Are you looking for resources to help mothers breastfeed? Are you struggling to initiate breastfeeding yourself?

Step-by-step visual instruction can be an especially effective tool, particularly where literacy and language are obstacles to learning. Regardless of barriers to understanding, video demonstration can convey important skills and the subtleties of how to do something that may possibly be lost in a written explanation. Seeing things done helps you remember how they are done.

I have found the collection of instructional breastfeeding videos produced by Global Health Media an excellent resource to share both with health professionals and mothers themselves.

While the mission of Global Health Media is to improve health care and health outcomes in resource-poor areas, where access to essential information and training is lacking, these videos are every bit as relevant and helpful in first world countries as they are in developing ones. Global Health Media has a library of short engaging videos that provide simple and effective solutions for helping health workers and mothers gain the knowledge and basic skills that can help and which in some cases can save people’s lives.

Titles include: Breastfeeding in the First Hours, Is Your Baby Getting Enough Milk, Increasing Your Milk Supply, What to Do About Nipple Pain, Expressing and Storing Breastmilk among lots more …

I recommend sharing these videos with mothers worldwide who are struggling to initiate breastfeeding. In busy modern hospitals, mothers may be tired, anxious and confused by brief encounters with health care providers who may offer conflicting advice. New mothers may have to wait hours between visits from different health professionals. Often they post pleas for help in social media support groups, looking for ideas to help them get breastfeeding started. People reading their requests for help are also busy and rarely able to explore concerns in any depth. Global Health Media videos provide a wonderful way to offer genuinely useful support.

Please share these videos and consider making a donation to help Global Health Media in their project.

Understanding Breastfeeding and how to succeed