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February 2017

Caring for Ourselves Is Caring for Others

What causes Compassion Fatigue? What are the likely results and what do the trauma experts recommend?

Scope of Depression: Why Are New Mothers Depressed?

Depression in new mothers before and after giving birth. What does the research tell us?

Neuroscience Shows Breastfeeding Is Not Just Milk

Lifelong effects of breastfeeding on mental health for mother and child.

Breastfeeding Mothers Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Losing weight and gaining protection.

When Helping Hurts

How can breastfeeding supporters better empower the mothers they seek to help?

Breastfeeding Beliefs and Attitudes Among Black Americans

Black mothers face barriers to breastfeeding that are both complex and multi-dimensional.

Breastfeeding Disparities and Implications for the Life Course

An approach to address racial disparities in birth outcomes with a specific focus on breastfeeding practices to provide culturally competent care using the Life Course Theory as a framework in the North Carolina Perinatal Health Strategic Plan.

Racializing Postpartum Mothers in Breastfeeding Promotional Contexts

Scientific evidence indicates that race is not biologically and genetically determined, but it is, in fact, a social construct.

Can Breastfeeding Ease the Effects of Racism and Discrimination?

The role of breastfeeding in combatting the effects of racism and discrimination on women's health.

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