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Poverty: A Tale of Two Mothers, Miles Apart

There was nothing from the phone call that warned me it was an emergency.


Doraine Bailey’s review of “Under One Sky”

A review of our new book, Under One Sky by Chris Auer

Breastfeeding Mother Runs Ultramarathons

Being an ultra runner has given me the ability to believe in the impossible.

How the Quality of Attachment Affects Security in Relationships

Secure babies, in general, expect the mother is present to keep them safe and will be there whenever she is needed.

How to Take Care of Your Pelvic Floor

How to take care of your pelvic floor through strengthening exercise and best and worst foods to maintain it.

Omega-3s and Mental Health: Can Fats Make You Happy?

Pregnant and postpartum women are especially likely to be deficient in Omega-3s.

A Breastfeeding Mother and Her Newborn’s Drug Withdrawal

If the score is above an eight for three consecutive times, he will not be going home when she does.

Mindfulness-Based Interventions (MBIs) for Weight Loss

Research suggests mindfulness helps you lose weight and avoid regaining it.

My Instinctive Trust in Breastfeeding

I wasn’t ready to give up.

3 Ways to Cope with Sleep Deprivation for Breastfeeding Moms

Better sleep means you’ll be more rested, more productive, healthier and probably a great deal happier as a result.

Battling Over Birth

"Black women know what’s wrong with our maternal health-care system, but no-one is listening to what they have to say."

Help! I Can’t Put My Baby Down

“How do I put my baby down?” is a question that comes up frequently in the search terms that readers are looking for on this blog.

Are You An “Extreme” Mother?

What is the one and only certainty that exists as a mother?

How to Wean Gently

Teresa Pitman. This wasn’t quite how I’d been led to believe weaning happened.

Should HIV+ Mothers Breastfeed?

What about the fear that she may pass the virus to her baby in her milk ?

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