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Books Are The Number One Gift For Women

For unputdownable books

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Browse the Shelves: Our books, blog, and special offers

See available discounts and what's in the library and archives.

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A-Z Praeclarus Books

An alphabetical list of Praeclarus Press books with links.

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Welcome to Women’s Health Today

Introduction to Women's Health Today from Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhD, IBCLC, FAPA.

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Another Five Myths About Breastfeeding

Why do these myths about breastfeeding persist?

Stroke Risk Reduction In Breastfeeding Women

Stroke risk in later life may be reduced by breastfeeding.

Five Very Common Breastfeeding Myths

In a culture where artificial feeding has become the norm.

How to Fall In Love With Your Newborn Baby

The more familiar you become with holding him, the more right this will begin to feel.

How the Quality of Attachment Affects Security in Relationships

How a parent’s inner experience is transferred and transformed into the child’s experience.

Looking for Resources to Help Mothers Breastfeed?

Struggling to start breastfeeding? Global Health Media videos are excellent.

Is City Living Affecting Mental Well-Being In Real Time?

How the interaction between mental health and our environment will help in the design of a more natural urban environment.

Is Research on Medications In Mothers’ Breast Milk Finding Answers?

How can researchers get valid data on the safe use of medications for use during lactation?

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