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March 2018

Ten Tips for Your Birth Plan

You have a lot of choices.

A Sad Reason for 10 Minutes of Fame

Ten percent is usually the upper acceptable limit of weight loss in the first days of life.

The Fourth Trimester or First 3 Months Following Birth

Subverting the expectations of our current birthing culture or observing the mother's sovereignty?

The Mother in the Tilt-a-Whirl Bed

I’ve seen so few mothers die after birth, I’m probably overly optimistic that this mother will survive.

Overcoming Postpartum Psychosis

The most serious mental illness related to childbearing.

Kiss Me! In Defence of Children

An incident in this popular pediatrician's clinic brought home to him the extent of his power.

Our Perverse Approach to Breastfeeding: Historic Proportions

James Akre finds a startling parallel of historic proportions.

Surviving Bereavement: 7 steps to help you on your journey

They tell us it’s messy, exhausting and can feel like it’s happening to someone else.

DONA International’s review of Battling Over Birth

Sharon Muza reviews Battling Over Birth.

Six Months of Breastfeeding Reduces Mothers’ Risk of Heart Disease

New study reveals six months of breastfeeding reduces mothers’ risk of heart disease.

A-Z Praeclarus Books

An alphabetical list of Praeclarus Press books with links.

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