Let’s spring clean!

Dr. Diane Sanford, author of Stress Less, Live Better from Praeclarus Press shares her ideas on how to renew ourselves and release old damaging thoughts and habits.

Discover what’s nourishing. Just as plants need water and sunshine to grow, we need physical, emotional, and spiritual sustenance. Start with eating healthy foods, getting regular physical activity, sleeping 8 to 9 hours, and taking breaks for your mind and body. Do one thing you enjoy daily, whether it’s phoning a friend, listening to music or walking your dog. Nurture your spirit through prayer, meditation, or communing with nature.

Let go of un-nourishing relationships. Being honest about admitting and detaching from relationships which aren’t good anymore can still hurt, especially ones involving family and long-term friends. If we’ve spoken to them about what needs to be different and things haven’t changed over time, release them with love. Clearing space for nourishing relationships to enter.

Anna Bondarieva

Cultivate optimism. Looking more on the sunny side of life can be learned by shifting attention away from negative thoughts to more positive ones. There are few situations which are all good or all bad. Our great job may sour when we get a new boss. An untimely move lead to a wonderful neighborhood with friends we will love. Prune your mind of unnecessary negativity.

Practice gratitude. When we feel grateful, our souls are nourished and restored. We have a more positive attitude toward today and what lies ahead. We feel connected to something bigger than ourselves, supported in the deepest sense, abundant and alive.