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Black History Month

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhD, IBCLC, FAPA says, "I’m often asked why we need to highlight health issues among African-Americans."

Vitamin D and Its Surprising Link to Perinatal Depression, Health Disparities, and the Health Impact of Adversity

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett examines Vitamin D deficiency and the link with depression.

Breastfeeding Beliefs and Attitudes Among Black Americans

Black mothers face barriers to breastfeeding that are both complex and multi-dimensional.

Free to Breastfeed

Quotations from black mothers on breastfeeding.

Racial Disparities: Considerations for IBCLCs

Celebrating successes and overcoming barriers to racial disparity. Considerations for IBCLCs.

A Mobile Application to Promote Breastfeeding Among Low-income African-American Women

Adapting an app that promotes breastfeeding.

Innovators Addressing Health Inequities within the African-American Community

Four leaders addressing the unfairness within the breastfeeding community.

Racial Disparity in Infant Mortality

Racial and ethnic health disparity.

7 Steps to Create a Culture of Respect and Inclusivity

How to create a culture of respect and inclusivity in healthcare practice.

Black Women Breastfeed

Closeness of breastfeeding. Women's Health Today.

Reflections on Lactation in the African-American Community

When it comes to creating standards of practice for breastfeeding in the African-American community, we have not been the captains of our own ship.

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