What are some things we use every day that are toxic? How can we eliminate them from our homes? Donna Walls, author of Growing Green Families, describes what you can do to keep your family safe in this informative interview based on her book.


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Growing Green Families gives you easy strategies to “go green” and provide a safer environment for your family. It includes numerous ways for you to reduce environmental toxins in your home by making simple changes in the products you use. Master herbalist Donna Walls provides lists of safe products and many easy recipes to make your own using natural ingredients. Growing Green Families includes natural alternatives for personal care and housecleaning products, organic strategies for your yard, and how to shop for healthier food. When it comes to keeping your family healthy, every bit counts. Growing Green Families gives you the tools you need to make that first step towards a healthier lifestyle.


“A must for families looking for a healthier way of life.”

-Connie Livingston, RN, President, Perinatal Education Associates, author, Innovative Teaching for Birth Professionals and Creating and Marketing your Birth-Related Business


“Donna presents down-to-earth help for a healthier environment.”

                        -Yvonne Dunphey, Cox Arboretum and Gardens

Spruce-Up Tips for the Green Family

How you can lower toxins in your home