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Five Very Common Breastfeeding Myths

In a culture where artificial feeding has become the norm.

Should Mothers Avoid Nighttime Breastfeeding to Decrease their Risk of Depression?

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett examines who gets more sleep and who is at risk for depression with reference to nighttime sleep.

Sleep Awareness

Sleep, and everything regarding sleep, on Women's Health Today.

Sexual Assault Survivors and Breastfeeding

Can we assume that women who have been sexually assaulted won't want to breastfeed?

Why Eating Less Won’t Solve the “Obesity Epidemic”

What's being left out of the discussion?

Does Weaning Help Mothers with Depression?

Breastfeeding is making me feel depressed.

Why Breastfeeding Is Good for Moms Too

We hear plenty about breastfeeding benefits for babies: what's in it for mom?

What about Swaddling?

Research on the safety of swaddling babies is contradictory.

Lying Down to Breastfeed: Mother and Baby Sleep Position

How does a mother protect her baby when breastfeeding lying down?

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