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Answers to 5 Common Questions about Baby’s Sleep

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett asks sleep expert Wendy Middlemiss 5 questions about babies' sleep that all parents want the answers to.

Simple Ways to Calm a Crying Baby and Have a More Peaceful Night’s Sleep

The science of nighttime care.

Spruce-up Tips for the Green Family

A few traditional, safe, simple, effective, and ecological tips for a clean, fresh-smelling home.

What about Swaddling?

Research on the safety of swaddling babies is contradictory.

The Gentle Art of Newborn Family Care

The outside world is going on without her. Her partner is back to work after a week or two ...

Controlled Crying and Long-Term Harm

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhD, IBCLC, FAPA on whether the recommendation of controlled crying as a parenting practice has any basis.

Help for Very Fatigued New Mothers

Most of us probably know what it feels like to be so tired that we think we are going to die if we don’t get some sleep. Some suggestions to help.

Four Reasons Our Sleep Is Being Disturbed

Controversy over sleep behavior in public health campaigns. How can we improve sleep safety and lower infant mortality rates without compromising breastfeeding?

Welcome to Women’s Health Today

Introduction to Women's Health Today from Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhD, IBCLC, FAPA.

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Caring for Ourselves Is Caring for Others

What causes Compassion Fatigue? What are the likely results and what do the trauma experts recommend?

Racial Disparities: Considerations for IBCLCs

Celebrating successes and overcoming barriers to racial disparity. Considerations for IBCLCs.

Racial Disparity in Infant Mortality

Racial and ethnic health disparity.

7 Steps to Create a Culture of Respect and Inclusivity

How to create a culture of respect and inclusivity in healthcare practice.

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