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DONA International’s review of Battling Over Birth

Sharon Muza reviews Battling Over Birth.

Breastfeeding Beliefs and Attitudes Among Black Americans

Black mothers face barriers to breastfeeding that are both complex and multi-dimensional.

Breastfeeding Disparities and Implications for the Life Course

An approach to address racial disparities in birth outcomes with a specific focus on breastfeeding practices to provide culturally competent care using the Life Course Theory as a framework in the North Carolina Perinatal Health Strategic Plan.

Racializing Postpartum Mothers in Breastfeeding Promotional Contexts

Scientific evidence indicates that race is not biologically and genetically determined, but it is, in fact, a social construct.

A Mobile Application to Promote Breastfeeding Among Low-income African-American Women

Adapting an app that promotes breastfeeding.

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