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Ten Tips to Fend Off the Baby Blues

Being aware of the possibility and having some tools to help combat depression if it occurs or returns can be a good idea for an at-risk pregnant mother.

High Intervention Birth and Mother’s Mood

Are pregnant women unwittingly exposing themselves to risk during labor?

How Cultures Protect the New Mother

What can we learn from the cultural postpartum rituals of low-income, developing countries?

Giving Birth Without Drugs

If my mother had given birth without drugs and found it a positive experience—one she liked to share with us—why couldn’t I?

Birth Interventions and the Impact on Breastfeeding

A baby’s willingness and ability to breastfeed may be affected by what happens during the birth.

Coming Home

Women's Health Today is featuring your stories.

New Dads and Sex

What to expect after birth.

How Do You Feel, Dad?

Did you think about this part 9 months ago? Wendy Jones BSc, MSc, PhD, MRPharmS on dad's importance.

How to Make Peace with a Difficult Birth

What makes a birth experience difficult? What determines how a mother will feel? What you can do to resolve it.

Treatment of Women in Childbirth

Are women receiving respectful care during labor? And why this matters.

Birth Trauma: Psychological Trauma of Childbirth in Our Time

The sobering statistics of birth trauma, the impact on breastfeeding and ways to help mothers.

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